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Why Should You Work With Miami County Live

Why should you work with us? Well, besides being a bunch of fun-loving, coffee-fueled content creators, we’ve got a rad community of amazing Miami County and Daytonian trendsetters (mainly in the ages of 25-44) who trust our insights and love a good product recommendation!

We’re not just bloggers; we’re storytellers with an eye for the latest trends and the ability to introduce it to the Greater Dayton area.

About Us:


  • We were selected to be 2024 Ohio Wine Ambassadors!
  • We are a Facebook rising creator (which means we are in the top 1% in our niche)!
  • Community Experts that have been featured on local radio stations to talk about upcoming events and new things happening in our community.


  • Facebook: Over 4100 followers with a 52,000 monthly reach. We have rising creator status!
  • Instagram: 12,600 followers with a 2% engagement rate and we receive hundreds of story views.
  • Miami County Moms Facebook Group: Over 640 moms in Miami County (vetted).

Our mission is simple: To inspire others to love their best life in Miami County.

How Can You Work With Us?

We have a variety of unique opportunities when it comes to working with our brand! From content creation to throwing community parties with your products at the center, we can create a custom plan just for you!

Ways To Work With Us:

  1. Product Reviews or Blog Post: We can create in-depth, engaging reviews of your products, highlighting their features and benefits for our readers.
  2. Sponsored Content: We can develop sponsored content that seamlessly integrates your brand into our blog while providing value to our audience.
  3. Giveaways and Contests: Running giveaways or contests featuring your products can generate excitement and increase brand awareness among our followers.
  4. Social Media Promotion: We have a strong presence on Facebook and Instagram and we can amplify our collaboration through strategic social media promotion. This would include making a custom reel and photography.
  5. Onsite Advertising: We can place your ad on pages of our website, this can include the homepage, gated content pages, and more! We tailor this to your brand!
  6. Event Coverage: If applicable, we can provide coverage for your events, launches, or other brand-related activities.
  7. Product Parties: Do you have a product you want the public to sample? We’re your girls! We host parties throughout the year and it’s a great way to get feedback for your items and to get samples out to the local community!

Content Creation Services

Do you need content for your own brand? We can help with that too!

  • Reels: We can create dynamic reels featuring your products! From GRWM to tutorials, we can create a variety of reels that showcase your brand in a modern and upbeat way.
  • See some examples: SCF,
  • Photography: As content creators we have a variety of options when it comes to photography. We can do flatlays, commercial, and product photography.

Don’t wait, hit the contact us now button and let’s create a custom plan to get your brand in front of more people!

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