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The Best Coffee Shops in Troy, Ohio

Miami County Live

Winan's has been serving up great coffee on the square for as long as we can remember. They have a great place to sit out front, a spacious back area, hot and cold drinks and amazing chocolates. They also have a variety of sugar free syrups!

Winan's Coffee & Chocolates

Purebred Coffee Co.

Noticible by it's COFFEE sign downtown and for it's amzing ambiance, Purebred is a local favorite in downtown Troy. Hit them up for amazing pour overs, a great working space, and friendly baristas. 

The main reason we love Boston Stoker is for it's great coffee, hello Iced Mocha, and  it has a drive thru! If you want to dine in they also have a small, cozy seating area!

Boston Stoker Coffee

Ernst Cafe

This is the newest coffee shop on the list and it already has a loyal following. Located at the APAC they're serving up great coffee and sammies!