3 Themed Christmas Tree Trends To Try in 2022

Themed Christmas Tree Ideas To Try This Year

It’s that time of year again, the time to decorate your Christmas tree is finally here, and along with it comes the holiday fun and cheer of putting it together. If you are looking to step outside the holiday box this year, then why not try one of these amazing but elegant Christmas tree decorating ideas to try in your home this holiday season?

A themed Christmas tree can create a beautiful focal point in your home while still being in the style of something you love. In fact, I have seen homes that have a different themed tree in every room of the house! From candy-inspired Christmas Trees to rainbow, the Christmas tree ideas in this article are sure to inspire you and fill you with holiday joy.l

When it comes to the holidays you should never feel obligated to do traditional holiday colors and we hope the trees and inspiration in this article, inspire you to start a new tradition in your home and create a themed tree that you and your family will love.

Star Wars Christmas Tree

Star Wars Christmas Tree

Star Wars first aired in 1978 and has been in our hearts ever since so why not bring it into our homes this holiday season with a Star Wars Christmas Tree? From Darth Vader to Yoda, when it comes to a Star Wars Christmas Tree there are a variety of different themes you can go with but we love the creative and more subtle tree designed by DIY Candy.

Inspired by C-3PO and R2-D2, DIY Candy made a tree that is sure to excite any Star Wars fan, but the use of the colors gold and silver also enables it to blend effortlessly with any Christmas decor. Make sure to check out her blog post to read all about what inspired her to create this tree and how she did it.

Rainbow Christmas Tree

Rainbow Themed Christmas Tree

One of the most photographic and popular Themed Christmas Trees this season is the rainbow tree and there are a variety of hues making it’s way on the internet. I am in love with this beautiful pastel rainbow Christmas Tree created by Lovely Indeed.

With a heavy dose of colorful baubles sitting on a white background, this tree serves up plenty of color! She even hid candy in the tree inside fillable ornaments that were colored to blend in. I can only imagine what it’s like waking up to this tree as a kid as you get to not only view this beautiful tree but also explore it! Learn more about how to make it and her inspiration by checking out her blog.

Boho Christmas Tree

Boho Christmas Tree

2022 was the season of everything boho and Christmas should be no exception. If you love modern accents and neutrals that are taken up a notch then this Boho Christmas Tree is for you.

This is another tree designed by Lovely Indeed and I can see this fitting into so many homes this holiday season. Make sure to check out the entire article online.

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