The 12 Best Restaurants in Downtown Dayton, Ohio

Looking for a place to eat in downtown Dayton, Ohio? Well, you’re in luck! Dive into the heart (or the mouth) of the city, and…

Looking for a place to eat in downtown Dayton, Ohio? Well, you’re in luck! Dive into the heart (or the mouth) of the city, and uncover a treasure trove of fantastic restaurants waiting to tantalize your taste buds.

restaurants in downtown Dayton

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From homemade pasta to handcrafted cocktails, there’s a restaurant in downtown Dayton to please every flavor palate.

No matter if you like small, intimate settings or restaurants large enough to serve a crowd, there is something for every group, no matter the size So, get ready to dine, relax, and soak up the vibrant atmosphere of these restaurants in downtown Dayton!

The Best Fine-Dining Restaurants in Downtown Dayton, Ohio

From eclectic steak eateries to upscale seafood served in a casual dining establishment, there are a variety of fine dining restaurants in Downtown Dayton. No  matter if you’re catching a show at the Shuster or visiting family from out of town, we have a restaurant to delight and impress locals and visitors alike.

Pine Club

The Pine Club stands as the most renowned fine dining restaurant in downtown Dayton and is known for serving the best steaks in the area. Established in 1947, this iconic institution holds a special place in the hearts of Dayton locals and the premier dining destination.

The Pine Club offers up an unparalleled steak experience and their commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect. From the precision of their steak cutting and aging to the meticulous preparation process, they are serving up steaks with flavors and quality that is unmatched.

The Pine Club is not only know locally but it’s also known as one of the premier steakhouses in the entire United States, it even earned a visit from President George Bush during his time in Dayton.  While the menu may lean towards the higher end this fine dining restaurant isn’t just for special occasions!  On your first visit you will find that the exceptional food and service justify every dollar spent.

They also have a great wine list that will impress event the pickiest wine connoisseur. It’s easy to see why they are constantly considered one of the premier restaurants in downtown Dayton.

Jay’s Seafood Restaurant

Jay’s Seafood Restaurant, has been perfectly pairing seafood and wine since 1976. Nestled in the Historic Oregon District of downtown Dayton, Ohio; Jay’s is the best place to eat seafood in the city and has earned the reputation of offering the finest and widest array of seafood dishes. 

At Jays, casual dining seamlessly merges with five-star cuisine, offering an unforgettable experience. Renowned for its outstanding seafood, succulent steaks, and inviting atmosphere, Jay’s has remained a staple in the Dayton community for over 40 years.

When visiting make sure to indulge in their signature dishes, including the award-winning Clam Chowder, delectable Crab Cakes, or sumptuous Alaskan King Crab Legs. They are also known for their rotating selection of fresh fish flown in weekly.

Housed within a historic building, Jay’s provides the perfect backdrop for romantic dinners or grand celebrations, adding an extra layer of charm to your dining experience. With a menu like this its easy to see why Jay’s is known as one of the best seafood restaurants in downtown Dayton.


One of the newest restaurants on this list is Sueno, which is already making waves in our local culinary scene. Known for its authentic Mexican cuisine, Sueno boasts an incredible vibe that’s both welcoming and vibrant.

From mouthwatering lamb birria to flavorful chicken pollo, every dish is a testament to the open cooking concept embraced here. The attentive servers add to the exceptional experience. Inspired by Mexico’s rich culinary traditions, Sueno pays homage to the innovative chefs challenging norms across the border. Led by 3-time James Beard nominee Executive Chef Jorge Guzman, the menu showcases traditional Mexican fare cooked over a live fire hearth.

Complementing the cuisine, Wine Director Lauren Gay curates one of the region’s finest beverage programs. Nestled in a historic Avant Garde building in the Webster Station block, Sueno’s award-winning design truly stands out in the sea of restaurants in downtown Dayton.

The Best Bars in Downtown Dayton, Ohio

Not just known for unique dining experiences, Dayton is also known for it’s great beer selection and breweries. This means that downtown Dayton is full of vibrant breweries and bars to liven up any evening and make any day more fun!

Dublin Pub

Located near the historical Oregon District, the Dublin Pub is an authentic Irish pub in the heart of downtown Dayton. Known for it’s epic and the largest St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Ohio (based solely on consumption) The Dublin Pub is a must visit destination.

the Dublin Pub is known for many things including “Best Fries in Dayton.”

With an expansive Irish themed bar menu and reasonable prices, every item on the menu delivers an exceptional experience, from the mouthwatering Blarney Stones appetizer to the velvety loaded potato soup. They’re even known for having the best fries in Dayton.

Yet, it’s not just about the food—the atmosphere at The Dublin Pub is incomparable, making every visit an unforgettable experience and it’s a great place to see live entertainment on the weekends. Check it out to see why this has been a staple in the scene of restaurants in downtown Dayton.

Best restaurants in downtown Dayton, Ohio

Bar Granada

Bar Granada is the go-to spot for live music and craft tequila enthusiasts when looking for a restaurant in downtown Dayton. With an epic drink menu, Bar Granada is more than a great cocktail lounge, it’s a great place to socialize while indulging in one of their many drinks. From shaken margaritas, expertly crafted to perfection, to Spanish draft beers and a carefully curated wine selection they have something for anyone in your party. They also proudly showcase local talent and featured artists, reflecting the vibrant history of the gem city.

Are you a tequila lover? Then you can spend the night diving into their extensive array of craft tequilas. Available in tantalizing flights this is the ultimate tasting experience for tequila enthusiasts and is a must visit on the list of restaurants in downtown Dayton.

When it comes to food, they are here to satisfy your cravings and you can east on mouthwatering street tacos served with fresh, house-made sauces and crispy chips— the ideal pairing to complement your drink of choice.

Bar Granada is one of the ultimate restaurants in downtown Dayton, and is the perfect spot to enjoy unforgettable music, spirits, and flavors.

Dayton Beer Company

With a unique environment, rooftop bar, and great beer selection there is so much to love about Dayton Beer Company, this restaurant in downtown Dayton (they’ve opened a kitchen) is known for their quality.. With a a steadfast commitment to quality that’s evident in every single pint this is the place to go to enjoy local craft beers. It’s a difference you can taste in every sip.

But it’s not just about the beer. The team at The Dayton Beer Company is deeply rooted in their community, constantly seeking ways to give back and make a positive impact. Whether it’s through charity events or community outreach, they’re dedicated to bettering Dayton one step at a time.

Their hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed, either. With a slew of awards and accolades under their belt, both locally and nationally, they’ve solidified their reputation as one of Dayton’s finest.

Barrel House

The Barrel House: Restaurant in Dayton, Ohio

Located in the heart of Downtown Dayton, the Barrel House is a cozy craft beer and wine bar alongside a well-stocked bottle shop. As a locally owned establishment, they’re committed to curating an ever-changing selection of the finest craft beers, wines, hard ciders, seltzers, meads, and canned cocktails, ensuring there’s always something new to discover.

However they are not a restaurant or a liquor store. Instead you can bring in food from one of the restaurants in downtown Dayton and enjoy it alongside your beer. Afterall beer and food are the perfect pairing.

Moeller Brew Barn

Moeller Brew Barn was founded on a simple belief: everyone deserves to savor FRESH. LOCAL. CRAFT. BEER. But that’s not all they’re here to tantalize your taste buds with crispy brick oven pizzas, fresh salads and a variety of new sides.

Conveniently situated next to Day Air Ballpark, home of the Dayton Dragons, its the go-to spot for pre and post-game festivities. Swing by to catch the game on their Beer Garden big screen or check out their weekly live entertainment. Check them out to see why they are known as one of the best restaurants in downtown Dayton.

​The Best Eclectic Restaurants in Downtown Dayton, Ohio

There are many restaurants in downtown Dayton but not all of them are as unique as the two we are about to share with you! If you are looking for a culinary experience like no other make sure to check out these two destinations.

Thai 9

Situated in Dayton’s Historic Oregon District, Thai 9 stands out by offering a fusion of  authentic Thai cuisine and sushi in a captivating atmosphere. Known as an OG in the space of restaurants in downtown Dayton, Thai 9 is a local restaurant that offers an experience like no other.

Entering this downtown Thai eatery, you’re enveloped in a snug yet genuinely authentic ambiance. The service here is top-notch, with staff readily offering their trendy recommendations. With authentic flavors of Thai cuisine alongside traditional sushi and sashimi they perfectly complement their dishes with a diverse selection of wines, craft beers, and spirits.  

Each dish, from the zesty soups to the Yello Curry, bursts with genuine flavors and fresh ingredients. The Pad Thai stands out for its flawless balance of sweet, sour, and savory notes, leaving a lasting impression.

Other culinary highlights included the Chicken Coconut Milk Soup, Rainbow Roll, Mango Chicken, Yellow Curry, alongside some Pineapple Poppers and 21’s!

Thai 9 isn’t just a place to eat; it’s an experience that seamlessly combines exceptional service with an inviting ambiance. Highly recommended for anyone seeking authentic Thai dishes among the other restaurants in downtown Dayton.

Tender Mercy

Blending rebelliousness with iconic allure, the atmosphere at Tender Mercy weaves a captivating narrative in the local bar scene.

With elements of grunge, glamour, and a hint of grooviness, the dark and sultry underground cocktail bar isn’t just a bar—it’s your haven in Dayton. This is the perfect place to have a handcrafted cocktail before venturing to Sueno or other restaurants in downtown Dayton.

The Best Italian Restaurants in Downtown Dayton

Downtown Dayton is home to some great Italians restaurants and we have two on our epic list. One is a new innovative restaurant featuring handmade favorites and the other is a chain that has been a local family favorite for many years.


Grist was created to empower home cooks with the confidence and tools needed to create satisfying meals without breaking the bank or sacrificing time. This locally owned restaurant serves up fresh pastas, homemade pastas and other eclectic dishes. They also have a great selection to choose a bottle of wine. Make sure to dine in or take home and see why they stand out among the restaurants in downtown Dayton.

Spaghetti Warehouse

This casual Italian chain has been a local favorite among the restaurants in downtown Dayton. Specializing in pasta and Italian dishes, The Spaghetti Warehouse offers a family-friendly atmosphere that we absolutely adore, I even have memories of eating here as a child with my dad!

Nestled in the heart of downtown, every visit promises delicious food with generous portions. The service is consistently top-notch and for many local families it’s a go-to spot due to the good food, reasonable prices, and excellent service making it a star among the restaurants in downtown Dayton.

From pasta to thai, there are so many ways to discover something new among the scene of restaurants in the downtown Dayton area and we hope we inspired you to find something you love!

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