Serving up Fun at Graeter’s Ice Cream Playground

Greater's Ice Cream Slide

Do you want to slide down an ice cream cone? Or sit on a cookie? Now you can make these dreams a reality by visiting the Lil Pint’s Playroom located at the Kenwood Graeter’s location.

Located at 8167 Montgomery Road, this location is an hour drive from Miami County but worth the trip for delicious ice cream, coffee, donuts, and fun.

Graeter’s is known for their delicious ice cream in delicious flavors like my personal favorite, Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip, and seasonal offerings like Strawberry Sorbet. But their indoor playground really brings this to life with a life size ice cream cone slide, games that feature their pints, and even an ice cream cookie sandwich that is the perfect seat to take in the view.

Graeter’s Lil Pints Playground

The Lil’ Pints Playground is the perfect destination for rainy or days you don’t want to be out in the heat! The indoor playground features a slide, climber, teeter totter, and so much more! You can even rent out one of the connected party rooms!

This adorable playground was designed for children 9 and under. There are even crawlers for younger kids, and puzzles and games mounted on the wall in the area below.

The Ice Cream Slide at the Greater’s Lil Pints Playground

The most impressive part of this playland is the ice cream slide and it’s huge! To reach the top your child can choose to climb the rock wall or walk up the ramp ladder. Once on the landing they can play at the top or choose to go down the slide! Our kids loved going up and sliding down!

Ice cream slide at Graeters

Graeter’s Toddler Space

Below the slide area is a space for toddlers and crawlers. This area has a tiny ice cream cone slide and other features to crawl and climb on. My 8 month old loved going down the small side with my assistance.

To the side of this space is a built-in ice cream truck complete with pretend ice cream toys and is the perfect spot for a photo op to document your trip.

To round out the Lil’ Pints Play Room, there’s a giant banana see saw that the kids really enjoyed!

Rules For The Graeter’s Lil Pints Playroom

Before you go, make sure to bring your own socks because they are required. If you forget, it’s no problem because you can purchase a pair at the counter.

Playing at graeters

Also, make sure to get your ice cream before or after (after is our preference) because you can’t take food inside. However if you want to eat while watching the kids, you can by sitting at the bar top that overlooks the area.

The Food at Graeter’s

Eating a donut at Greaters

One of the coolest parts of this playland is that this location also has donuts and coffee that they serve along with all of the usual ice cream!

Find out more about Graeter’s new location by visiting or give 513-793-5665 a call.

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