Glamp Troy: Transforming Sleepovers into Magical Experiences

A sneak peek into Miami County’s Dreamy Sleepover Experience

Glamping has taken on a new meaning in Troy, Ohio, thanks to Glamp Troy, a unique business venture by Haley Copen and Kara Frantom that specializes in providing teepee-style tents for sleepovers.

Glamp Troy in Troy, Ohio

Founded in April 2023, these two former labor and delivery coworkers stumbled upon the idea after seeing a picture of a friend’s birthday party on social media. Drawn to the fun and creative aspect of event planning, they realized they could channel their enthusiasm into a business.   

“We had recently helped plan a large work party as a morale booster and really enjoyed the creative outlet outside of our healthcare jobs.”

Glamping Themes

No matter if it’s a birthday celebration or a casual get-together with friends, Glamp Troy adds that extra sparkle to any event. With accommodations for up to 9 kids per party and mattresses that hold up to 300 pounds, Glamp Troy is suitable for boys and girls and can even accommodate adults.

Glamp Troy

From the trendy Taylor Swift and vibrant tie-dye to the adventurous football and camo, Glamp Troy boasts an impressive lineup of themes. Not to mention the ever-popular boho vibe that’s always a hit! 

But here’s the best part: if you have a unique theme in mind that’s not currently on their list, don’t hesitate to share your ideas with Haley and Kara. They’re constantly brainstorming new concepts and are more than happy to collaborate with you to make your vision a reality. 

The Glamp Troy Experience

Glamp Troy birthday party

When you book a Glamp Troy experience, you’re not just getting a tent setup; you’re getting a full-service package. The team handles everything from setup to styling, ensuring that each theme is brought to life in stunning detail. And the best part? They come back the next morning to clean up, leaving you stress-free to enjoy the festivities.

The Joys and Challenges of Business Ownership

For Haley and Kara, the best part of their job is seeing the joy on their customers’ faces. 

Glamp Troy Neon Party

“The best part is seeing the smile on the child’s face and/or hearing the squeals of the partygoers when they see the setup!” 

However, they acknowledge that marketing and visibility have been ongoing challenges. They’re grateful for the support they’ve received from friends, family, and the community. 

Glamp Troy

“We truly appreciate every like, comment, share, and review on social media as well as the spread of word of mouth!”

Community Connection and Military Discount

As proud members of the Miami County community and military wives, Haley and Kara are committed to giving back. They offer a military discount in honor of their husbands’ service, reflecting their deep-rooted connection to their business and community.

Troy, Ohio, Glamp Troy

“We have enjoyed being able to create core memories for the kiddos of Miami County. We were both born and raised here and still live here with our husbands and kids.”

Looking to the Future

While Glamp Troy currently focuses on teepee setups, they are open to expanding their services based on customer requests in the future.

Glamp Troy , Taylor Swift Birthday Party

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With their passion for creativity and dedication to customer satisfaction, Glamp Troy is poised for continued success. As they continue to evolve and adapt to new trends and customer preferences, they remain committed to providing unforgettable experiences for their clients.

How To Contact Glamp Troy

Want to host your own sleepover? To learn more about Glamp Troy and the services they offer, you can find them on their social media channels on Instagram or Facebook.

Would you rather reach out directly to plan own magical sleepover? You can email them directly at

*A Glamp Troy website is coming soon!

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