Dream Whip Vs. Cool Whip: A Whipped Topping Debate With 4 Key Differences

It’s a tale as old as time, dream whip vs. cool whip. In the world of desserts, whipped toppings play a crucial role in enhancing…

It’s a tale as old as time, dream whip vs. cool whip. In the world of desserts, whipped toppings play a crucial role in enhancing flavors and adding a touch of indulgence to sweet treats.

Dream Whip vs. Cool Whip

Both dream whip and cool whip started out as more shelf stable substitutes for whipped cream because sometimes you don’t want to get out the heavy cream, electric mixer, vanilla, chilled bowl, and take your time mixing until stiff peaks form. 

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What is Dream Whip

Dream Whip is a powdered whipped topping mix that was first introduced in the 1950s. It’s made by Kraft Foods and is a convenient alternative to traditional whipped cream. Dream Whip is typically sold in packets and requires mixing with milk and vanilla extract to create a whipped topping.

It’s known for its light and airy texture, making it a popular choice for topping desserts like pies, cakes, and fruit salads. One of the key features of Dream Whip is that it doesn’t contain any dairy products, making it suitable for individuals who are lactose intolerant or prefer non-dairy options.

Dream Whip, with its shelf-stable powdered form, offers versatility like no other. Whether you’re topping pies, cakes, or experimenting with new dessert recipes, Dream Whip’s customizable flavor profile allows you to tailor it to your preferences. 

Plus, it’s a great alternative for those with lactose intolerance who can’t tolerate heavy whipping cream or real whipped cream.  Dream Whip also boasts a longer shelf life, making it a pantry staple for spontaneous dessert cravings.

However, the downside lies in its preparation process; mixing it with milk and vanilla extract requires some extra effort. Additionally, while Dream Whip delivers a light and fluffy texture, it may not match the creamy consistency of its counterpart, Cool Whip.

What is Cool Whip

Cool Whip first burst onto the scene in 1965! Invented by a chemist at General Mills,  it was created as a time-saver for busy home cooks.  Plus, unlike regular whipped cream, Cool Whip could handle being frozen, stored, shipped, and kept without melting away. Talk about a game-changer! And let’s not forget how it can take so many recipes to the next level like ice cream, fresh strawberries, leftover pies, and hot chocolate. For many it’s the perfect topping that you can easily pick up at the grocery store. 

In its original recipe, Cool Whip didn’t have a drop of cream or milk. But these days, it’s had a bit of a makeover. Now, you’ll find a hint of light cream mixed in with corn syrup, high-fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated vegetable oil, skim milk, and a handful of artificial and natural flavors, colors, and gums. That’s why Cool Whip isn’t technically whipped cream—it’s labeled and sold as “whipped topping.”

Back in the ’90s, Cool Whip Lite and Free hit the shelves, catering to the low-fat crowd. Fast forward to today, and the Cool Whip lineup, now under the Kraft Heinz umbrella, has expanded. You can choose from extra creamy to sugar-free options, and they even roll out some seasonal flavors from time to time.

Cool Whip is the most convenient of the whipped toppings. Available in tubs and found in your freezer aisle Cool Whip is ready to use straight out of the packaging. This makes it easy to use when needed!  Its creamy texture and sweet flavor elevate desserts to new heights, while its availability in various flavors and varieties caters to diverse tastes. 

However, Cool Whip isn’t without its drawbacks. It contains dairy ingredients, which could be problematic for individuals with lactose intolerance or dairy allergies. Furthermore, its pre-made nature limits customization options compared to Dream Whip.

Dream Whip vs. Cool Whip: Pumpkin Pie

Dream Whip Vs. Cool Whip: Ingredients

Dream Whip’s main ingredients consist of sugar, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, modified corn starch, and sodium caseinate. This versatile topping is renowned for its light and airy texture, perfect for enhancing the flavor of various desserts like pies, cakes, and fruit salads.

A container of cool whip typically consists of water, hydrogenated vegetable oil, high fructose corn syrup, and skim milk. 

Unlike Dream Whip, Cool Whip contains dairy ingredients, specifically skim milk, which contribute to its creamy texture and slightly distinct flavor profile. This beloved topping is favored for its ease of use and ability to enhance a variety of desserts with its creamy goodness.

When it comes to who wins between the ingredients of Dream Whip Vs. Cool Whip, I prefer to use dream whip because it has less palm kernel oils and more real stuff in it.

Dream Whip Vs. Cool Whip: Flavors and Varieties

Dream Whip offers a light, vanilla flavor that beautifully complements a diverse array of desserts, spanning from refreshing fruit salads to indulgent pies. Despite primarily being available in a single flavor, its versatility shines through as it can be easily customized by incorporating different extracts or flavorings to tailor to individual tastes. It can also be added to cream cheese, instant pudding mix, or used to make the famous dream pie. 

On the other hand, Cool Whip boasts a wider range of flavors, including original, light, extra creamy, and sugar-free variations. This expansive selection caters to diverse preferences, ensuring that there’s a Cool Whip option for every dessert enthusiast, whether they prefer the classic taste or are seeking a lighter dessert topping alternative.

When it comes to Dream Whip Vs. Cool Whip flavors, I prefer the taste of Dream Whip to Cool Whip. But also, Cool Whip has some great seasonal flavors and there is nothing better than chocolate cool whip!

Dream Whip vs. Cool Whip: Dessert

Dream Whip Vs. Cool Whip:  Uses and Applications

Dream Whip proves its versatility by serving as a delightful topping for pies, cakes, and a myriad of other desserts. Its application extends beyond mere topping duties; it can also be seamlessly integrated into recipes for frostings, mousses, and even no-bake cheesecakes, imparting a light and airy texture to any culinary creation.

In contrast, Cool Whip shines in its convenience, offering a hassle-free solution for dessert preparation. Coming ready-to-use straight from the tub or can, Cool Whip eliminates the need for any additional steps or preparation, making it the perfect choice for those seeking quick and effortless dessert solutions.

When it comes to Dream Whip Vs. Cool Whip uses it’s a tie because for the most part they are used the exact same way!

Dream Whip Vs. Cool Whip: Pros and Cons

When comparing Dream Whip vs. Cool Whip, both whipped toppings offer distinct advantages and drawbacks. 

Dream Whip stands out for its versatile and customizable flavor, making it ideal for a variety of desserts. Additionally, as a non-dairy option, it caters to lactose-intolerant individuals. Its powdered form allows for extended shelf life, ensuring it’s readily available when needed. 

However, Dream Whip requires preparation by mixing with milk and vanilla extract, and its texture may not match the creamy, thick consistency of Cool Whip. 

In contrast, Cool Whip is prized for its convenience, coming ready-to-use straight from the container, and its creamy texture and sweet flavor elevate desserts effortlessly. With a range of flavors and varieties, Cool Whip offers options to suit different tastes. 

Yet, its dairy ingredients may pose challenges for those with dietary restrictions, and its pre-made nature limits customization compared to Dream Whip. Some also don’t like the artificial flavor. 

Ultimately, the choice between Dream Whip and Cool Whip hinges on individual preferences and priorities in dessert preparation.

In the debate between Dream Whip vs. Cool Whip, both whipped toppings offer unique advantages and are good substitutes and can elevate desserts (especially pumpkin pie) in different ways.

Dream Whip provides versatility and a non-dairy option, while Cool Whip offers convenience and a creamy texture. Whether you opt for the convenience of grabbing a tub of cool whip or the customizable nature of Dream Whip, both are sure to add a delicious finishing touch to your favorite sweet treats.

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