Dolce Doppio: Brewing Success in Miami County’s Mobile Coffee Scene

Dolce Doppio is Miami County’s very own mobile coffee bar. Learn about their entrepreneurship journey here!

In the heart of Miami County, two passionate coffee enthusiasts, Caitlin Ball and Laura Browner, have created a unique venture known as Dolce Doppio. Specializing in mobile coffee services for private events and public pop-ups, Dolce Doppio has quickly become a local favorite in the Dayton area since its establishment in November 2020.

Dolce Doppio Mobile Coffee Bar

Laura and I met while working together at a local coffee shop and clicked instantly! One day during the Covid shutdowns in March of 2020 we were just chatting, and realized our dreams aligned.

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Dolce Doppio, isn’t just a sweet name for their mobile coffee bar, it also carries a meaningful blend of Italian inspiration. “Dolce” translates to sweet, while “doppio” signifies double, representing the essence of the double shot of espresso in their beverages.

Dolce Doppio in Troy, Ohio

Caitlin and Laura’s journey into the coffee business began during the tumultuous times of the Covid shutdowns in March 2020. Having forged a strong bond while working together at a local coffee shop, their dreams aligned, and Dolce Doppio was born. Laura aspired to explore the corporate side of coffee, while Caitlin envisioned a small, mobile enterprise that could bring coffee wherever it was needed.

We are come where coffee is needed. With our 1968 Nomad renovated coffee trailer and our coffee carts, we can roll wherever we need. 

Dolce Doppio prides itself on being a woman-owned and operated mobile coffee shop with a commitment to inclusivity. Sporting a 1968 Nomad renovated coffee trailer and coffee carts, the business can cater to various events, ensuring they are where coffee is needed.

The team strives to create a welcoming environment, offering not only classic coffee but also inventive seasonal drinks.

Dolce Doppio, coffee in Troy, Ohio

Dolce Doppio caters to a range of events, from private gatherings like weddings, baby/bridal showers, and birthday parties to public pop-ups at local businesses, festivals, and vendor markets.

The duo’s favorite events are those where collaboration with fellow vendors is possible, fostering a sense of camaraderie among small business owners.

 It’s so fun to be around other small business owners, make coffee for everyone, shop their goods, and just vibe in the camaraderie.

The most popular item on Dolce Doppio’s menu is a latte made with their homemade Brown Sugar Cinnamon syrup. Caitlin’s personal favorite is a traditional cappuccino with oat milk, while Laura enjoys an iced latte with oat milk, embellished with the flavor of the day.

Dolce Doppio drinks

Looking ahead, Caitlin and Laura envision their business growing in ways beyond their current imagination over the next five years. The dynamic duo remains open to new opportunities and challenges that may shape the future of Dolce Doppio.

It is only fun and pretty less than half of the time… but that time is when you really appreciate all the hard work you’ve done and the folks who have helped you.

Caitlin and Laura offer a candid perspective on entrepreneurship, acknowledging the difficulty of owning and operating a business. They emphasize celebrating small victories along the way and finding joy amidst the challenges.

Dolce Doppio coffee

Reflecting on their business’s roots, Caitlin and Laura express gratitude for the incredible support from the Miami County community. The warmth and encouragement from locals have propelled Dolce Doppio into larger events and markets, showcasing the power of community support in fostering small business growth.

Miami County is an amazing place for growth. The amazing people who live here really love supporting small businesses, and we’d never be doing the huge events in bigger cities, had it not been for our first year popping up in Miami County.

Want More Dolce Doppio?

Dolce Doppio’s website,, serves as the hub for information, and their social media channels (@dolcedoppio) keep followers updated on their latest events and offerings. Make sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram!

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