70s Nails, 5 Ways To Rock This Trend

Trends often come full circle and ’70s nails are one trend that is here to stay for the summer (and maybe the fall). From vibrant…

Trends often come full circle and ’70s nails are one trend that is here to stay for the summer (and maybe the fall). From vibrant colors to bold designs, the 70s nail trends are making a glamorous comeback, adding a touch of nostalgia and retro charm to modern-day manicures. Imagine the ultimate set of ’70s nails that could effortlessly groove on the dance floor at Studio 54, glide around the disco roller rink downtown, and even blend in seamlessly in your grandma’s vintage wood-paneled kitchen. 

70s nail trends

But hey, don’t let the funky textures and psychedelic patterns of that era intimidate you from having cute nails. From the nail shape to length (are you team long nails or short nails) this article will give a ton of  70s trend ideas to take to your local nail expert, that even Kylie Jenner will be jealous of!  

Your manicure is a great way to dip your toe (or nail) in a big trend, like 70s style, in an attainable way and we hope you love these nail art ideas!  So put on your favorite bell-bottom jeans and read through these ideas! 

Groovy Bright Colors For 70s Nails

70s nails are all about embracing splashing your nails with electric colors and earthy hues, so fill your colour palettes with colors like rust, avocado, burnt orange, and mustard yellow which dominated fashion and design trends back in the day!  Or add electric blues, bright greens for a manicure that says Party Time!

These colors evoke a sense of serious nostalgia for the disco era, as you can see when looking back on years of nail trends when vibrant hues ruled the fashion scene. Embrace these retro shades and add a add a pop of personality to manicures while paying homage to the iconic style of the 70s.

orange 70s nails

Swirling Patterns

In the 1970s, nail art was all about embracing bold and psychedelic patterns that reflected the free-spirited nature of the era. From geometric shapes to swirling designs, nail artists experimented with an array of eye-catching patterns that pushed the boundaries of traditional manicures. Today, these psychedelic patterns are being reimagined with a modern twist, with nail enthusiasts incorporating them into their manicures using techniques like stamping, hand-painting, and nail wraps.

70s nails

70s Nails French Manicure

A 70s French manicure. is like the cooler, funkier cousin of the classic French mani, bringing all those disco vibes straight to your fingertips. 

A 70s French manicure, also known as a “Disco French” or “Hippie French,” is a variation of the classic French manicure that gained popularity during the 1970s

From glitter to funky designs, the tips of your nails will not be  pink nails or a neutral base instead they will be loud and screaming for attention. You can also add gradient colors to the base, holographic finishes to the tips, and even metallic accents. This will capture the essence fo the disco era while still feeling fresh and modern. 

Natural Nails, Natural Colors

Do you take a more natural approach to nails? That’s ok the 70s nail trend still fits you! 

Natural 70s nails

In contrast to the bold colors and flashy designs of the disco era, there was also a trend towards a more natural, earthy minimalist nail look in the 1970s, soft nude shades, earth tones, almond shapes, shorter nails, and negative space were popular choices, reflecting a desire for simplicity and authenticity. Today, this natural aesthetic is being embraced once again, with minimalist manicures and earthy tones taking center stage and it’s a great option for manicures. Whether it’s a subtle nude hue or a chic neutral design, embracing natural elements adds a touch of understated elegance to modern manicures inspired by 70s nail trends.

Mix and Match For The Ultimate 70s Nails

Another characteristic of 70s French manicures is the mix-and-match approach to nail art. Rather than uniform designs on each nail, different colors, patterns, or accents may be used to create a playful and eclectic look that celebrates individuality and creativity.

From groovy colors to psychedelic patterns, the nail trends of the 1970s are experiencing a revival in the world of beauty and fashion. With bold colors, eye-catching designs, and a touch of disco sparkle, modern manicures are paying homage to the iconic style of the disco era while still feeling fresh and relevant today. Whether you’re channeling your inner disco diva with vibrant hues and glittery finishes or embracing a more natural aesthetic with earthy tones and minimalist designs, there’s no denying the timeless appeal of 70s nail trends in the modern age. So why not embrace a bit of retro glamour and add a touch of nostalgia to your next manicure? After all, everything old is new again in the world of fashion and beauty.

natural 70s nails

If you’re looking for something bold and eye-catching, this funky 70s pattern is perfect. The super retro print will give any outfit a fun feel, whichever color you opt for. With a fine nail art brush and a steady hand, you can easily add these 70s nails waves yourself from home too.

Whether it’s super 70s wavy nails or a fun flower design, bright and bold shades or retro browns and yellows, this trend has something for everyone. Which one of these retro 70s nails will you be wearing this season? Be sure to tag us on Instagram so we can see them! 

So there you have it – a blast from the past with a modern twist. Whether you’re rocking daisies, dandelions, owls, or Pyrex patterns, your ’70s-inspired nails are sure to turn heads and make a statement wherever you go.

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