3 DIY Easter Flower Arrangements

Easter is right around the corner, so if you are hosting Easter brunch or dinner make the most of your party decorations by adding one of these lovely DIY Easter flower arrangements.

What Flowers Are Best For Easter?

Before you get started on your project, it’s good to notice what flower types are best for this holiday. When it comes to Easter there are several flowers that are traditionally associated with the holiday and each flower has a symbolic meaning. Here are some of the most common Easter flowers and their meanings:

Easter Lily

The Easter Lily is the most popular Easter flower and is often seen in churches during the holiday. It symbolizes purity, hope, and new life, which are all central themes of Easter.


Daffodils are often called the “Easter Flower” because they typically bloom in early spring around the time of the holiday. They symbolize rebirth, renewal, and the arrival of spring.


Tulips are another popular Easter flower and are often associated with the holiday’s themes of resurrection and new life. They come in a variety of colors, with white and pink being popular choices for Easter displays.


Hyacinths are fragrant spring flowers that symbolize rebirth and new beginnings. They come in a variety of colors, including pink, purple, and white.


Crocuses are small, delicate flowers that bloom in early spring and symbolize renewal and new beginnings. They are often used in Easter floral arrangements and decorations.

DIY Easter Flower Arrangements

These arrangements are simple to make and perfect for adding some Easter cheer to your home! These centerpieces are the perfect craft to do as a family.

Easter Egg Vase

  • Take a clear vase or container and fill it halfway with Easter eggs (plastic or real).
  • Place fresh flowers (such as tulips, daffodils, or hyacinths) in the vase, making sure the stems are submerged in the water.
  • Arrange the flowers in a way that they peek out from the top of the Easter eggs.

Mason Jar Bouquet:

  • Take a mason jar and fill it with water.
  • Add a mix of fresh flowers in pastel colors, such as pink, purple, and yellow. Daffodils, tulips, and ranunculus work great for this.
  • Tie a ribbon around the neck of the jar to add a festive touch.

Egg Carton Flowers:

  • Cut the individual egg cups from a cardboard egg carton.
  • Paint each egg cup a different pastel color and let them dry.
  • Once the egg cups are dry, place a small amount of water in each one.
  • Add a fresh flower to each egg cup, such as a small rose or daisy, making sure the stem is submerged in the water.

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