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Unicorn Birthday Party: A Do It Yourself Guide

March 28, 2018

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In case you didn’t realize it, unicorn parties are insanely popular right now and for good reason. From the whimsical character to the fantastic muted rainbow color scheme, unicorns are trendy and will continue trending. So ere is my advice on how to create the ultimate unicorn party, without breaking the bank, because let’s face it being a parent is expensive so why not save when you can! The pics in this blog are unedited and come from the unicorn party I through for my little one recently! She had such a blast and I hope you enjoy some of the ideas shared here. I have also linked up a ton of similar products in case you want to shop online. Offline I shopped at Party City, Dollar Tree and Dollar General to complete this party theme!


Set the Tone:
Unicorns are known for the soft, muted colors of the rainbow, so choose colors like soft pinks, baby blues, light lavender and pastel green and yellows. This color scheme will set the foundation of the party. You can buy balloons, paper fans, streamers, plastic silverware, paper plates, and tablecloths in these colors at your local dollar store to save money and set the tone.

Two Toned Tablecloths:
Step your table up a notch by layering your tablecloths to create an easy but whimsical effect.
Take one tablecloth and cover the entire tablecloth, then take another tablecloth in a contrasting color and lay it thinly across the middle like a table runner. Bunch the sides together and secure with rubber bands to make a dramatic table covering.


Dress The Part:
The most fun portion of this party for your child is the ability to dress the part. Make sure to get some fun unicorn headbands, party hats that look like unicorn horns, stickers and fake tattoos for the kids or the birthday kid to wear during the party.


Add in Unicorn Extras:
Since we saved money on laying the party foundation in pastel colors now is the time to add in some true unicorn decor. Unicorn centerpieces work great on the tables and are an affordable option. Also, a few well-placed unicorn balloons go a long way with giving a general unicorn theme.

Let Them Eat Cake:

Since Unicorns have gone mainstream its easy to find unicorn cakes at your local grocery store bakeries. We went to Meijer in Troy for this cake and it cost around $15.00. Make sure to order it a few days ahead and customize your colors to the main pastels you choose in your theme.

If you don’t want to do cake, you can buy pastel cupcakes and put these cute unicorn horns on top for an easy but wonderful unicorn themed treat.

Have Games:
Pinatas are surprisingly durable even when being hit by a number of children of different ages so this game is fun to play and gives the kids lots of opportunities to try their hand.
To stop children from fighting fill the pinata with the individual favor bags. That way when the pinata is broken everyone gets one bag and there is no fighting or rush over candy.

If you don’t have the room to do a pinata consider doing a pin the tail on the unicorn or a fun little craft project.

Leave Them Wanting More:
At the end of the party make sure to let the kids take home something to remember how much fun they had! For this party we made fun rice Krispie treats with colored marshmallows and covered in colored white chocolate. Make sure to add another sticker to your favor bag to really seal in the unicorn theme!


I hope you enjoyed this, let me know below! Also if you have any questions or advice shout it out below!

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