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5 Tips for Visiting the Troy Strawberry Festival Like a Pro

May 15, 2017

The Troy Strawberry Festival is coming up this weekend, held the first weekend of June, this will be the 41st year of this amazing festival. Spanning from downtown Troy, to the levee, there are two entertainment stages, a variety of fun activities, over 200 vendors and over 60 food booths serving up Strawberry variations of everything from donuts to BBQ sauce. Even though the Strawberry Festival is full of family friendly entertainment it’s good to remember that it also serves as a  big fundraising event for civic and charitable groups in the community. Below we have five tips to help you visit the Strawberry Festival like a pro!

Find Great Parking: Since this is such a popular festival the City of Troy has made parking easy throughout the city with shuttles included. Parking can be found at the Miami County Fairgrounds, Hobart, & Waco Air Museum. For more information view online here.

Find Your Events Before: Do you have some specific things in mind while at the Strawberry Festival? With the festival spanning from Downtown Troy to the Levee, it’s easy to find the event you are looking for by viewing the activities page! Available on the Go Strawberries website you can see what date, time and location each event is held, find it online here. This also gives you the forms for all of the pre-events as well.

Pre-Order your Strawberry Donuts: The Strawberry Donuts are famous for their deliciousness but don’t get drawn into the long lines instead pre-order your donuts online by going here. Pre-ordered donuts are only $9.00 per dozen instead of $10 during the festival and you have the ability to pick up on the Thursday and Friday before through the donut drive-thru or have them delivered for an additional $3.00 charge.

Go on Sunday: The Troy Strawberry Festival definitely draws a crowd but if you are in no hurry to check out all the fun and vendors then go on Sunday. While it still is busy it’s a little less busy than Saturday which seems to be the most popular day to attend the festival.

Eat Your Cake in Air Conditioning: If you need to take a break from being outside during the festival find your way to the Troy Senior Citizens Center, located at 133 N Market St. it’s at a convenient spot between the levee and bridge to stop and enjoy homemade strawberry shortcake. Pick from 1 of 3 ways to have it; biscuit, angel food cake or shortcake; and sit back in the air conditioning while you eat.

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See you at the festival!

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