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Easy Toddler Approved Halloween Treats

October 20, 2017

Halloween Parties means shareable Halloween Treats.

Any mom knows that one of the biggest parenting arguments you will have is getting your child to actually eat the food you make for them. One day they want nothing more than strawberries or banana’s and in one week’s time they are throwing them to the floor and crying for only chips, that you refuse not to give them. We have all been there and that is why Miami County Moms is here to help you through this frustrating time by giving you this roundup of Toddler Approved Halloween Trips that are easy to make and they will be begging to eat.

Monster Pretzel RodsThese cute and sweet pretzel treats, from Generations of Savings, will have your toddler smiling and gobbling them down with delight. The combination of pretzels and sugar eyes and chocolate is one that your toddler won’t be able to resist and this easy recipe is perfect to make ahead and bring to a school function at school or daycare!

Halloween BananaTake a banana where it has never gone before, in gauze! We love the simple nature of this “recipe”, from The Inspiration Edit, and that there is no added sugar for your little one. This banana wrapped in gauze is an easy way to dress up the standard banana!

Gooey Halloween Cereal Bars: If it has cereal in it, its healthy right? Ok, maybe not, but you can still find a good time and place to enjoy this delightful treat by Mommy Hood Life, which mixes cereal with halloween inspired chocolate and sprinkles and would be easy to make enough to share with a crowd!

Gluten Free Halloween Ghost Cake: If your child is gluten free look no further than this great recipe by Rhians Recipes. It’s delicious, serves enough for a family and is perfect to share with your gluten free friend or child!

Hope you enjoyed this roundup of our Toddler Approved Halloween Treats and if you are making these or any other treats you want to share leave it in the comments!

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