The 1833: Where History and Happily Ever Afters Come Together

With historic charm and modern allure, The 1833, located just steps away from downtown Troy, Ohio is a beautiful wedding and event location in Miami County. Learn about the historical significance, renovation, and future of one of Miami County’s oldest buildings in this article.

A wedding to most people is a milestone, a memory to be made and shared with friends and family as you embark on life’s journey with your partner. For many, attending weddings is a cherished experience, and for Scott Strayer, it sparked the inspiration to create something truly special – The 1833, Miami County’s newest wedding and event venue. 

Weddings are a magical experience! There’s a new beginning and so much excitement for the future.  Sharing that moment with friends and family there isn’t anything better.  I’ve always loved going to them, so I opened a venue to be a part of that delight! 

Scott Strayer, Owner of The 1833

The History of The 1833

The 1833 isn’t just any ordinary event space, built in 1833 it’s steeped in local history as the oldest church building in Troy, Ohio; adding an extra layer of charm and significance to every celebration held within its walls.

 I’ve been in real estate since 2013 and I’ve grown to appreciate the historic architecture.  Once these historical gems are gone, they cannot be replaced!  

Originally constructed for the Trinity Episcopal Church on land donated by Troy’s first doctor, Dr. Asa Coleman, this building has witnessed many pivotal moments in history. In 1837, General Harrison (who later became the 9th President of the United States) addressed the people of Troy from its steps, officially opening the Miami and Erie Canals.

Beyond its role in political history, the building also served as a hub for education and liberation. Its basement housed a public school until 1848, and it played a vital role in the Underground Railroad. Former slave Auntie Green is said to have made her famous escape from slave hunters while seeking refuge here.

The Ambiance of The 1833

With 46-foot hand-hewn beams, beautiful stained glass windows from 1905, and 5-course thick brick walls; what sets this venue apart from others in the area is not only its rich history but also its unique ambiance.

What couldn’t be saved during the renovation process was mimicked to look like the original, which is evident in the hardwood floors, and pendant lights. It’s easy to see all the care that was put into the renovation process to bring to life this beautiful event space that is perfect for gatherings of up to 100 guests.

For Scott, one of the most rewarding aspects of operating The 1833 is the opportunity to give back to the community by preserving a piece of its history.

The 1833 Troy, Ohio

“Saving this beautiful building from demolition has been incredibly fulfilling. Being able to contribute to the preservation of local history while creating memorable experiences for couples and their guests is truly gratifying.”

Scott Strayer

Situated close to downtown Troy, this venue seamlessly blends historic charm with modern amenities ensuring every event is both memorable and enjoyable. Some amenities include air conditioning, a wheelchair lift, a sound system, a bridal suite, and a catering kitchen.

While there is a catering kitchen, no food can be prepped on site. Guests are welcome to bring their alcohol, provided it’s dispensed by a licensed and insured bartending service. Additionally, outside vendors are welcome, with a preferred vendors list available for those seeking professionals familiar with the venue’s layout and requirements.

As The 1833 continues to host unforgettable events and cherish the history within its walls, it remains committed to sharing the magic of weddings with all who walk through their doors.

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