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Girls Helping The World: Sophia Mulheran Designs

March 23, 2018

Hey Miami County Lifers!
Today, I am sharing a blog post that is a little different than the others as we are taking a trip outside of Miami County, all the way to Australia, to shine the light on a new company that is doing big things! I introduce to you, Sophia Mulheran Designs.

How It Began:

From a young age the founder, Sophie had an extreme passion for the environment, outdoors and anything creative. As she grew older she knew she wanted to take this passion and merge it somehow into a business.


Over the past few years, Sophie has really honed down this concept by creating Sophia, a brand of homewares, home decor and stationery that incorporates sustainability and creativity in one.

After a carefully thought out website launch, a variety of ideas, and even more creative energy, the business launched! The designed and mostly handmade products are now being sold internationally. And a little piece of love is spreading to the entire world, thanks in part to the world wide web!
This is a great feat because Sophia is providing sustainable and ethical options with the vision to create a non-existent carbon footprint in the future.

How Sophia is Giving Back

Sophie’s strong belief in giving back to our planet in more than one way has made her focus on sustainability and she has created many initiatives and movements through her business to promote this concept. In the past 12 months, she has done a variety of projects including:

A Collaboration with Ocean Crusaders:

Ocean Crusaders is an amazing organization that works tirelessly to help clean out oceans and educates the publ

ic. Sophie collaborated with this organization by creating the eco-friendly tote bags with an intricate jellyfish design, to symbolize how turtles often mistake plastic bags for jellyfish. These bags are a great alternative to plastic bags and 50% of the profits from the bags go directly to Ocean Crusaders to help support their amazing campaign.

Tree Planting:

Sophie has planted 12 Lily Pilli’s to offset carbon emissions that are produced while sending out orders to customers. This was a perfect solution to offset the carbon emissions because these trees will continually provide oxygen.

International Women’s Day Movement on March 8th:

Sophie created a movement with influential women via Instagram to help support and celebrate women of all ages and from all walks of life. To support this she designed a set of three gift cards in the International Women’s Day colors and printed them on 100% recycled card. The cards were then sent out as a set ready to be filled with words of love, kindness, appreciation, and support to women they admire.

Weekly Clean Ups:

Sophie facilitates weekly cleanupsof her local area and picks up litter in public spaces as well as the marine environment.

Ongoing Mission to Make the Planet Greener:

The biggest collaboration that Sophie does is her ongoing mission to make the planet a greener and healthier environment. At the basis of Sophia is the mission to create as many products from recycled materials as possible and this is something she plans


 on continuing and has been built into her business model.

As her business grows, I am sure Sophie will continue to find ways 

to give back to the environment and her local community.

I am so happy to share her influential story because one person, one company, one decision truly does make an impact and a difference. I love how inspirational Sophie and her company are and I will truly try to find ways to give back to my local community as well and I believe tha

t is something every single person in Miami County and around the world can get behind!

To learn more about the Sophia brand check her out at https://www.sophiamulheran.com/.


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