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December 7, 2017

Relationship goals are falling in love. The wide-eyed puppy kind when butterflies live in your stomach. When you get nervous about what to text back and you buy a new outfit for every time you hang out. It’s going on fun dates, nice dates, chill dates and opening up to each other about your past and hopes for the future. It’s the very beginning when everything feels new. When hope and trust are beginning to form.

Relationship goals are moving out of your parent’s house and into an apartment or Relationship Goals house that will soon become a home together. It doesn’t matter how old or small the house or apartment is because you get to hang out every single day and that makes up for all of it. It’s clipping coupons together and eating hamburger helper during lean times.

Relationship goals are saying your vows on your wedding day, promising to stay together through thick and thin (waistlines included). Rich or poor, of which you will have both, and til death do us part. It’s meaning what you say and fighting for your relationship through all the boring or bad times. Overcoming every fight, every tear and stinging words said in anger. It’s learning to forgive each other,  overcoming it, staying together and getting stronger. It’s not giving up on each other or ourselves. It’s not pushing each other away when you want to escape reality or when you hate yourself and feel unworthy of their love.

Relationship goals are navigating grief together. The big kind that life deals you and it changes your outlook on life. Like when my dad died unexpectedly and I didn’t know what I needed to handle the situation. I didn’t know what I needed from you. What turned into simply needing a pat on my shoulder during the random times of remembrance and tears.

Relationship goals are watching your relationship change through the stages of life. It’s loving each other no matter how many wrinkles you have. It’s looking back at the fun and exciting times and appreciating the somewhat boring times. It’s celebrating the small victories, milestones, birthdays and anniversaries.

Relationship goals are overcoming 20 hours of labor and an unplanned C-Section together and becoming parents. It’s staying strong through rowdy toddlers and persistent teenagers. It’s praying together that in the end you did the best you could and your kids grow into good, confident people. It’s pretending to be Santa and the Tooth Fairy. It’s keeping those magical moments alive for your children.

It’s building a partnership that you can both lean on and trust in and know wherever you lack I can pick up. It’s creating a life and making dreams reality, even if that dream is just having a garden on the side of the house. It’s sharing the burdens of home, including cooking and cleaning together.

Relationship Goals aren’t always fun or glamorous. For most of my life, it’s not. It’s finding a lifelong partner that you can live all of the little moments with. It’s someone that can get you through every trying time and its someone you can live your entire life with and never give up on. Long lasting relationships are more than love, it ‘s being committed. Committed to yourself and your marriage.

Relationship Goals are loving each other through the flaws and fixing things, not giving up on things.

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