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So You Think Your A Digital Marketer?

June 5, 2018
I recently saw an enticing offer on Facebook explaining that everything you need to know about how to successfully market your business online is available for the small sum of $350.00. This was being taught by  a new up and coming Digital Marketer with over 5000 followers on Instagram and their very own Marketing Group on Facebook. 
Well for that type of information, the low, low price of $350 seemed like a steal, right? Wrong!

Being a Digital Marketer is a popular job, too popular…

Apparently, any person who has achieved any type of success on a social networking channel or built their own website is using it. It seems like everywhere you turn a new expert has popped up and started peddling the best online course for $500.00. While sharing is caring, the problem with this is that most of these people aren’t digital marketers.

 They aren’t digital marketers? How can I be so quick to judge? Well keep reading and you will also know the difference between the legit and the quit wasting my time marketer.

Just because you successfully marketed a photography studio doesn’t make you a marketer. Having 6000 followers on Instagram doesn’t make you a marketer. Having a blog doesn’t make you a marketer. Having a Facebook Business Page, a Facebook group or even a generic online class doesn’t make you, you guessed it, a marketer. 
As a digital marketer, I am annoyed by this trend because I take pride in my work. And these faux marketers are giving my job, a bad rep. 

So what does make a digital marketer?

First off, Digital Marketing is a spectrum.  There is a variety of jobs and services available and it’s impossible to know everything about each one.  A good Digital Marketer has general knowledge of each technique.
What techniques are on the spectrum? Well it includes: Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Reading Analytics, Video and Email Marketing. You could even add website design and graphic design in there depending on what field you are in on the digital marketing spectrum.
A great marketer knows the importance of each technique and enough about each to oversee them and when to use them.  Not every single technique has a place in every business and you need to navigate what is best for your client. 
Not every business will want to pay for ads or have the budget for it. Even more surprisingly, not every business has a good website with Google Analytics, and sometimes there is nothing they can do about it. So you have to get inside your bag of tools and use different methods of tracking, like Google shortcodes. 


Digital Marketers are able to work with a variety of businesses. They have the ability to study the business, learn about their target audience, study their main competitors and carve out a plan that enables them to appear more vividly online. They know how to communicate what type of growth the business can expect from the marketing campaign and know how to gain trackable, measurable results.


Digital Marketers can bring value to any business. They can explain the fundamentals of Digital Marketing and come up with suggestions on how the business themselves can implement them. They can audit one or all aspects of a company’s digital marketing. They can be used as consultants, for companies that like to handle everything in-house use when they are behind or not seeing the results they want. Digital Marketers can talk about new ideas or how to make techniques you are already using more profitable. They leave behind insight or value to their clients.


There is a reason behind everything I do. To the untrained eye, it may not seem like it. Yet, as a person who lives in the balance of Analytics, Data and Trends, I know how to optimize everything digital.  If I tell you to smile at the beginning of a video, its because it helps your video’s click-through rate. If I am writing a blog for a company, I have already researched the most relevant keywords to focus on. I always do my homework.

I could go on and on. There are so many factors that make up the strange and exciting world of Digital Marketing. At the end of the day, I know what I am.  I can read the digital marketing landscape. I am a hybrid of creative and analytic. I have tried, tested, learned and understood almost every technique available. I understand my audience and my customers. I have fun, I play with words, I come up with new and exciting ideas. I provide value to any business I work with.
I am a Digital Marketer.
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