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Jaden Fisher: Miami County Photographer

July 12, 2018

Jaden Fisher is a local Miami County photographer who uses his camera to capture a story and showcase the emotion of the subjects he photographs. From portraits to landscapes his photography displays a range of emotion from sadness to whimsey.

Inspired by his Aunt, who is a photographer, Jaden was introduced to photography in the sixth grade and has been snapping pictures ever since. “I try to express emotions through my photos. I primarily shoot in black and white to show melancholy or amplify the shadows. I try to provoke emotion or show human essence in my pictures.”

Jaden’s photography skills are on full display on Instagram. Check out his feed and you will find emotion, attention to detail, as well as a clean aesthetic, told through his signature black and white photography style. Instagram has been a strong tool for Jaden and has given his art exposure to the world outside of Miami County. “You can just put your work out there and it can be looked at, enjoyed and interpreted by so many different people.”

Instagram has also been a source of inspiration for Jaden becoming a place where he can be inspired by other photographers such as Jason Peterson and Ralph Gibson. “Instagram is good because you have so much communication with other artists and you can see their work.”
Jaden also seeks out inspiration through the work of Ansel Adams, “Ansel Adams is an amazing naturist, an amazing nature photographer who was able to bring out the lush landscapes of Yosemite.”

When talking about the local art scene in Miami County, Jaden believes it has gotten easier to connect with other local artists. “Social media has introduced to so many local artists it’s insane. I had no idea Troy had such an artistic side before social media. Troy is booming with artists.”

In the future, Jaden plans on continuing photography and potentially entering the digital marketing field where he can put his artistic eye to good use.

To check out Jaden’s photography or to work with him you can view his Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/jt.fish/.

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