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4 Reasons to Attend the First Annual Home Grown Tomato Fest

August 27, 2017

If you have noticed Tomato Splats around local Tipp City businesses your eyes are not deceiving you! These splats are leading the way to the first ever Home Grown Tomato Fest being held at Canal Lock Park on September 2, 2017 from 12pm-4pm. Inspired by the La Tomatina in Spain and Tipp City’s proud tomato heritage through Tip Top Canning, who is sponsoring this event;  this family-friendly festival is the perfect combination of County Fair and Field Day.

Read on to discover the top 5 Reasons you should attend this new festival!

Celebrating Tipp City Heritage: Tipp City is ripe with tomato heritage thanks to Tip Top Canning. Located near downtown Tipp City, Tip Top Canning has been in business since 1924 and tomato season is evident when you see trucks full of ripe tomatoes driving down Main street on their way to the factory, this usually starts in late August and lasts through mid-October. This festival is a celebration of this vibrant local industry.

Enjoying Bloody Mary’s: No matter how you say tomato, everyone loves a Bloody Mary and the Home Grown Tomato Fest is here to deliver a Bloody Mary Contest!  Held in the Historic Roller Mill, bartenders from local bars, including Buckeye Distillery & Greenfire Bistro, will be competing against one another for the best bloody mary and the judge is you! This event is limited to the first 100 tickets so make sure to get your tickets early, you can buy them here.

Tomato Inspired Family Fun:

Outside of the Great Tomato Fight there will be a lot of other family-friendly activities including a Tomato Mascot, a Tomato Toss (similar to an egg toss), and a few Tomato Contests.

Contests include a Largest  Homegrown Tomato Contest, where homegrown tomatoes are brought in and judged and a Largest Splat contest where a juicy tomato is thrown and measured on the splat it creates. Trophies for the  events will be made out of custom labeled Tip Top tomato cans and are only available at this event.

T-Shirts will also be available by pre-order and picked up at the event. Order your T-shirts here!

It Ends With a Huge Tomato Fight: The great tomato fight will take place at the end of the festival at 3pm. To participate people will want to bring a  bag of tomatoes (homegrown or store bought). Softer tomatoes like beefsteak are suggested so they splat during the fight. If you are using a harder tomato you will want to pre-squash these before throwing, this way it creates more mess and has less potential to injure others. In the tomato fight area there are trees to dive behind for a fun dodging experience. It’s also suggested that people don’t wear white, must be dressed and goggles are optional.

So follow the splats and find fun at the Homegrown Tomato Contest! For more information about this event  view online via Facebook!

Miami County Live would like to thank Downtown Tipp City’s Director Heather Dorsten for providing us with this information and answering our questions about this event!


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