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How To Transition Your Wardrobe From Summer To Fall

October 15, 2017

Crisp air, pumpkin spice everything, apple pies, football, warm days and cool nights.

This sentence embraces quintessential fall.  Living in the mid-west we enjoy the foliage changing colors creating a scenic backdrop for pictures or an interesting view during your evening walk.   School starting, time-change happening, holidays quickly approaching.  We are all left with one question…. what do I wear with this ever-changing backdrop and unpredictable weather?????

Easily transition your wardrobe to fall.


My fall favorites are slightly worn capris, ankle booties, and a sweater. Tanks or a blouse work perfect under a sweater and when it gets too hot the sweater can easily be removed.

This can go from office to dinner easily by switching the sweater out for an edgier jacket.  I am always running from place to place so it is not uncommon for me to have a few extra items in my car!  Don’t judge.

 Ooooh, the colors!!! Now is the time you can wear whatever color you want and get away with it.

You can pair soft pinks with muted greys, (we love this gray vest) or summer skirts with fall jackets!

Whoever said no to white after Labor Day was just a control freak…now I am not saying wear everything white but white can look crisp with other fall colors!  White jeans look great with a bold top and a white shirt looks great with a navy or plaid jacket.

A nice pop of color against a plain canvas allows you to stand out.

 Still in the mood to wear bright summer colors? Don’t go head to toe neon colors!!! Pick one piece (like this amazing dress) and add other natural tones to keep it in balance.  Jewel tones are my favorite for fall…. Mustard yellows (check out this vest), burgundy, black (which I wear all year round), and olive green are some of my faves.

 Feel free to indulge me and posts photos of your best fall outfit on our Facebook page. We will be waiting to see what amazing outfits you come up with! I am on my way to find a caramel apple!

 Until next time….



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