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Discovering Pachamama Market

January 15, 2017

Walking into Pachamama Market, on the south side of Downtown Troy, Ohio is a feast for your eyes and senses.  With vibrant colors and an eclectic collection of handcrafted and fair trade items, the uniqueness of product transports you into a worldwide market connecting you with a variety of other cultures.

With coffee and confections lining the wall near the checkout counter,  baskets of finger puppets inviting your children to come play, and racks of beautifully woven clothing that every mother, grandmother, or women has come to admire, there is something in this store for everyone.

Craftsmanship is evident in each and every piece. Quality speaks to you in the handwoven scarves and in each stitch of the leather backpacks. You can see that an artisan took their time and produced an item that they were proud of.

Pachamama Market is a store that takes the guilt out of shopping because not only are you buying a piece that you love but you are giving back to a community that is giving fair pay and working conditions to farmers and producers.

With every dollar you spend buying fair trade you are also helping to minimize your environmental footprint, that often comes with our mass-produced consumer habits, and are helping build sustainable communities around the globe.

While browsing their Facebook page you can see a variety of new items being welcomed to the store and articles being shared that explain the importance of fair trade that includes the plight of the working conditions in many non-fair trade factories that are unsafe to work in. Their digital presence further amplifies the overall feel of the entire store and it’s evident they believe in what they say and they are trying to make the world a little bit of a better place even if it’s just a shop in Troy, Ohio.

This is a unique store, located in a unique city that I believe will find appeal in any educated consumer that embraces fair trade or buying eccentric, one of a kind piece to fill the wall of their apartment, office or home.

If you are looking for a gift or just a new coin purse you can find it here and be happy that you did. For more information, check out their Facebook page here or stop by their store located at 116 S Market St. Troy, Ohio 45373.


***I am in no way affiliated with this store and did not gain any endorsement or permission to write this article, it’s simply my opinion.***




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