5 Reasons to Love Crafted & Cured in Troy, Ohio

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just looking for a casual night out, Crafted & Cured offers the perfect atmosphere for sharing mouthwatering charcuterie and indulging in sophisticated cocktails.

Crafted & Cured, has become a popular destination since they staked their claim in the historic walls of the First National Bank building in downtown Troy on S. Market St. Serving up a unique mix of charcuterie boards to custom bourbon cocktails, this establishment isn’t just a bar; it’s a unique dining environment housed inside a historic landmark that is full of local character and historic charm.

Crafted & Cured first started in downtown Dayton before moving to historic downtown Troy. While their story may have started south of town, they really now how to pack a punch in their new home because you can tell every detail was thought about making this a regional destination for any foodie.

The Location of Crafted & Cured

From the moment you step through the doors of Crafted & Cured, the experience unfolds. Nestled within the iconic First National Bank building, this establishment offers more than just a bar – it’s a meticulously preserved piece of history. With it’s tall ceilings, marble floors, impeccable woodwork, vaults, safe deposit box, and historic photos of Troy there is history in every level that reflects the charm of a bygone era.

Crafted & Cured makes good use of its expansive space, which includes three levels of seating, each with it’s own unique ambiance. So no matter if you’re planning an intimate date night or a lively gathering with friends, there’s a variety of tables and seating arrangements to accommodate every party size.

The ambiance, enriched by the architectural beauty and historical artifacts, transforms an ordinary night out into a captivating journey through Troy’s storied past. We love how they have told the story of the historic building through pictures and in the original architecture. So, step inside, explore the layers of history, and let Crafted & Cured redefine your expectations of a night on the town.

MCL Tip: Grab a seat upstairs for the best view, which allows you to look over the main floor.

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Charcuterie at Crafted & Cured

Charcuterie boards have been very popular over the last few years but Crafted & Cured elevates it to an entirely new level through their meticulously curated charcuterie selection. From slices of expertly cured meat to the creamy and contrasting artisanal cheeses, everything is artfully arranged on a slate board that overflows with culinary delights (and will make you want to snap a pic for Instagram). Designed to serve 2-4 people these boards are perfect for sharing.

Ordering a charcuterie board is easy and they have a few different options you can choose from. Once you have decided on your board, you just place your order at the charcuterie bar on the main level. Once assembled, your personalized charcuterie board is delivered to your seat, accompanied by a detailed explanation of each item which makes a relaxing experience when ordering.

One of the most inventive boards that they offer is a dessert board which is perfect for those with a sweet tooth or celebrating a special occasion. This board is filled with boujie dessert items like salted almonds, macarons, and more. This is the sweetest way to end the night!

No matter which board you order, you will be sure to try something new.

The Bar at Crafted & Cured

Crafted and Cured has a popular craft beer bar featuring a large selection of craft beer, cider, and seltzers available. We love to make a flight out of their 5oz pours and try a variety of new drinks. The drinks also change seasonally so there is always something new to try!

If you find something you love (like one of their boutique wines) they have a retail shop of craft beer where you can take your favorites home.

The Bourbon Bar at Crafted & Cured

The newest addition to Crafted & Cured is their beautiful bourbon bar which is on display on the second floor. This additional bar features an impressive selection of bourbon and a waterfall feature which creates a truly distinctive atmosphere for their talented bartenders to mix up a variety of incredible cocktails.

We tried a variety of cocktails when we went but my personal favorite was their take on an amaretto sour. An amaretto sour has been my go to cocktail for as long as I can remember but their version was the best I have ever had. Not only was it beautiful, but it had an aromatic element that brought more complexity to the drink and it had the perfect amount of zing and zest creating a delicious experience.

Crafted & Cured in Troy, Ohio is not only known for its impressive selection of craft beer, cider, and seltzers, but now they have an incredible bourbon bar too! With a stunning waterfall backdrop, the bartenders at Crafted & Cured serve up delicious cocktails that are simply irresistible. Whether you’re looking for a casual night out or a special occasion, make sure to add Crafted & Cured to your must-visit list in Troy. Cheers to a delightful experience of charcuterie, bourbon, and unforgettable memories! We are so happy that they have joined the community of Troy and into one of Troy’s most iconic structures.

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