Exploring 4 Great Coffee Shops in Troy, Ohio

A Java Journey Through Troy, Ohio’s Best Coffee Shops

Are you looking for a great cup of coffee in Troy, Ohio? Look no further than the many coffee shops in Troy, Ohio.

The local coffee scene in Troy, Ohio is as distinct as its colorful downtown. From locally roasted coffee beans to a variety of brewing techniques, Troy’s coffee culture is thriving!

From excellent pour-overs, espresso drinks, cold brews, mochas, and even a chai latte there are a variety of unique coffee shops in Troy, Ohio.

Reasons to visit the local coffee shops in Troy, Ohio

There are endless reasons as to why you should support your local coffee shops and it’s not just because it’s a cool place to meet with a friend or have a quick meeting.

Local businesses keep more revenue in the local community, they care about the quality of coffee and service they provide, and they are unique to the area they serve. So if you usually go to a chain for your morning cup, set some time aside to check out a local coffee shop instead.

Read on to discover the 4 coffee shops in Troy, Ohio you need to know about!

Purebred Coffee Co., A Modern Coffee Shop in Troy, Ohio

Coffee Shops in Troy, Ohio: Purebred Coffee Co.

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When it comes to coffee shops, Purebred Coffee Co. is a local favorite. From friendly baristas to seasonal drinks that will make you crave them all year long, this coffee shop is always bustling with business.

Located in downtown Troy, Purebred Coffee Co. isn’t just another coffee shop in Troy, Ohio; it’s also a coffee roaster specializing in small-batch production. Due to it’s popularity, Purebred recently expanded it’s location and its menu and now offers some farm-to-table style food options.

So no matter if you want to meet friends for a coffee date or grab a bite to eat, this is the place to stop in and check out while visiting the area.

Rachel’s Favorite: Whiskey Maple Cortado Alena’s Favorite: Chai

Winan’s Chocolates + Coffees, The OG Coffee Shop in Troy, Ohio

No trip to Troy is complete without a visit to Winan’s Chocolates + Coffees. This coffee shop is the OG when it comes to coffee shops in this city and we have been visiting the downtown location for 20 years!

Coffee Shops In Troy, Ohio: Winans

With a large coffee menu, Winan’s can create any coffee drink you can imagine and even has a variety of sugar-free flavorings to choose from. But they don’t stop at just coffee, they also have a variety of delicious chocolates and sweets available!

Make sure to check them out at one of their Troy locations!

Rachel’s Favorite: Frozen Java Jolt Alena’s Favorite: Karmel Kiss

Boston Stoker, a Local Coffee Shop Chain in Troy, Ohio

Boston Stoker is another popular coffee shop in the area. Known for their commitment to quality they have a delicious menu filled with different coffee drinks and pastries.

One of our favorite reasons for visiting Boston Stoker is that they also have a drive-thru. So even if you don’t have time to enjoy the coffee shop vibe you can still get your favorite coffee on the go.

Rachel’s Favorite: Iced Milky Way Alena’s Favorite: Buckeye Frap

Dolce Doppio, a Pop-Up Coffee Shop in Troy, Ohio

There is no other coffee shop on this list like Dolce Doppio, because this is a pop-up coffee shop that shows up at local and private events. Want to give your employees a coffee treat? Dolce Doppio can make it happen! Want to learn how to brew like a barista? They can do that too!

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With a variety of different services and a rotating menu, you never know where they will pop up (unless you follow them).

Troy’s diverse coffee shops invite you to come spend a long morning or afternoon sipping great coffee and taking in the unique coffee shop atmosphere. From the community spirit at Purebred Coffee Company to the hidden charm of Dolce Doppio, each spot adds a unique chapter to your Troy visit.

Rachel’s Favorite: Iced Mocha Alena’s Favorite: Chai

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