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Crazy for Chia! The Miracle Seed You Should Start Eating Now.

February 1, 2018

We’ve all heard it. The catchy commercial played during our youth. Ch, ch, ch, chia!  I can still hear the singable, upbeat tune; but what that catchy commercial didn’t tell us was that Chia Seeds held the key to some incredible health benefits.

Chia Seed Health Benefits

Chia seeds have been consumed for thousands of years due to their health and medical purposes. They are packed with nutrients and their versatility make them easy to fit into many dishes. Chia seeds can be used in everything from baked goods to delicious chia pudding.  Keep reading for a full breakdown of all of their benefits.

Full of Antioxidants

The Chia seed is rich in antioxidants which are needed to keep the body healthy. Antioxidants will help fight off the damage that free radicals can do to the body and the cells. There are healthy fats found in these seeds that will also help give the body the protection from illnesses that it needs.

Low In Carbs

If a person is following a low carb diet they may be limited on the types of foods that they can eat. Chia has only one gram or net carbs per ounce which is very low. The seed is also packed with fiber so it can help the body keep the feeling of fullness for a longer period of time. This will help a person that is looking to lose weight without feeling hungry all the time.

Help Supports Your Digestive Track

These seeds will give the digestive system some extra support. The Chia is food for the good bacteria that is found in the intestinal track. This will help the good bacteria keep the body regular and a person will be able to get the most nutrients out of their food.

High in Protein

The seeds are very high in protein. They contain 14 percent protein which is very high compared to other types of plants. If a person has a diet that is high in protein they keep the feeling of fullness longer. Protein is also used by the body to repair muscles and even reduce the chance of a person snacking at night.

Heart Health

It is very important to take good care of the heart. One tablespoon full of Chia has 100 percent of the daily recommended dose of omega 3 ALA which is important for heart health. According to research, Omega 3’s are needed by the body to keep the heart healthy and to help keep your cholesterol levels in check.


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