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Beauty Products That Never Go Out Of Style

December 13, 2017

I love makeup.

It’s one of my most fundamental truths! I love playing with the colors, opening a new package, and becoming whatever I feel like being that day! If I am in a bad mood, I may do a monotone face and straight hair. If I need courage out comes the black eyeshadow, liner and teased crown. Beauty products have the power to transform and inspire.

I have been a girly girl as long as I can remember.  As a youngster, I played with my fake makeup kit and loved every second of it. I even have a horrible memory of losing a fake plastic lipstick out the window of a car and crying all the way home because I had lost it. Around ten I started acquiring and wearing it before being allowed, it was the one rule I would always try getting around!

Through high school, I had a lot of beauty fails but also a lot of fun experimenting with icy blue eyeshadow and white eyeliner or Barbie pink lips! At 18, I worked the Lancome Beauty Counter, learned a lot of different makeup techniques and learned how to properly use skincare. It was my dream job as I learned and shared my love of makeup with the world, or at least the greater Dayton area! With knowledge came power and I started creating a more artistic and edgy beauty look that I adored for years!

Now in my thirties, I have over 15 years of daily makeup experience under my belt and while I still play around, I still have those tried and true favorites that I always use because they always deliver and are simply the best! These products work with my skin tone, texture, and coloring! I also think these products are truly worth the money spent! So no matter how much I push the envelope of beauty, I still come back to these beauty staples and I hope you enjoy learning more about my favorite beauty products!

Elf Expert Liquid Liner In Black: There are so many reasons I love this liquid eyeliner and have added it to my arsenal of all time favorite Beauty Products! First is the price! It’s $2.00! I mean this is the best liquid eyeliner can buy! So a little background on me, I grew up sneaking into my grandmother’s makeup and applying her liquid liner with the tiny tipped brush applicator. So I have a preference for this type of applicator and that is exactly what I get with this product. Combine this with the fact that this color is such a good inky black color that sweeps on so effortlessly it makes it a home run!  Full disclosure, I only use this on my top lash line and I use it every single day! I buy it in threes so I am never without it!

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eyeliner: This Urban Decay liner is everything! I also use this eyeliner in black! I am pro black liner and use no other color for it! It doesn’t matter what color my hair is, there is nothign I like more than a smoldering eye! For water lines, there is nothing better than this eyeliner. It has a velvety texture, stays all day and is a super dark black that I can put on effortlessly. Full disclosure, I am a huge fan of Urban Decay because the quality and pigment in all of their products are amazing!

Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Powder:  Why do I love this? Well, the evidence is in the name! I have very oily skin so my skin goals are to be matte and poreless! This powder does just that!  It’s long-lasting, full coverage and doesn’t look cakey. It’s also available at any drugstore, so it’s easy to find, affordable and I can buy one for home and for my purse for on the go application.

Maybelline Color Sensational Vivid Matte Liquid Liner in Nude Flush: I am such a fan of nude pink lips! In fact, if you took all of my daily lippies you would see that they are all within 3 shades of each other. I buy every fleshy pink I can find in a variety of finishes from matte to sparkly I find it in different finishes from matte to sparkly! But this is my ride or die nude pink lip and for good reason! It makes me look put together but in a very natural way.  I have pale skin and pink undertones so this color has just the right amount of pink to keep me looking alive and fresh? It adds just enough color to not compete with my eyes but also not washed out!

So I hope you love this list of my all-time Beauty Faves and feel free to check out my Beauty Reviews! Let us know what your ride or die products are! We love to talk makeup! 

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