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Adjusting Your Halloween Costume to your Age

October 28, 2017

Halloween has long since been a tradition where girls can dress up in their favorite stripper-esque outfit and get away with it. From the naughty nurse to the sexy maid, we have seen it all. Boob spillage, dresses barely containing your booty (or anything else in that area), fishnet stockings, and unnatural sky-high heels. Faces painted on so perfectly to alter who you are, but remain recognizable. You know what I am talking about. If you say that you haven’t at least thought about engaging in this type of costume, you would be lying to yourself.

After hitting 30 I have toned down the blatant sexiness, well, we can call it what it is, “slutty apparel”.

This is for everyday life as well as Halloween costumes. Don’t get me wrong, there is still plenty of sex appeal, I just don’t let everything hang out at once. Last year my bestie and I dressed as a witch and doll…. I must say we looked hot!! And we remained remotely covered and comfortable. We had way more enjoyment in the dramatic makeup effect than we did in revealing all of our nooks and crannies.

This year I am embracing my boyfriend’s love for hunting… He will be the hunter (of course!), and I will be the doe he killed!! Poor Bambi comes to mind I know, luckily no animals were injured in the making of the outfit. The emphasis on this costume is once again the makeup (thank you Pinterest for your ever-amazing ideas).

What are your thoughts on less revealing, yet still sexy costumes? I would love to see pictures of you all dressed up!!!

Until next time…

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