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5 Ways to Celebrate the Great American Eclipse

August 15, 2017

The Great American Solar Eclipse has everyone feeling a little festive today! Here are 5 Great Ways to join in the festivities.

Go to a Solar Eclipse Viewing Party: There are many viewing parties being held today some inside Miami County and some just a short drive away! Make sure to check out our other blog post 4 Ways to View the Solar Eclipse Locally for more information!

Eclipse Coffee: If you are out getting Coffee today make sure to stop in at Winan’s and ask for your hot latte to be ‘eclipsed’ and they will put a dusting of cocoa powder on it, today only!

Live Stream Nasa Eclipse Coverage: No glasses, no problem. You can live stream Nasa’s Eclipse Coveragefrom your computer so whether you are at home or work, you don’t need to miss out on this great event!

Black and White Cookies: Ok, so I love Black and White Cookies and will find any reason to eat them but they do look like an eclipse as well! So celebrate the day by indulging in these delicious treats. Locally they can be found at Meijer.

Sparklers: Sparklers aren’t just for weddings and the Fourth of July, get them out while the Eclipse is happening! It may be one of the only times it will be fun to play with them in the middle of the day and what a great memory for the kids!

Watch Twilight: Take some pressure off of watching the eclipse in the sky and instead watch the 3rd installment of the Twilight series, Eclipse.

Hope you enjoyed these fun suggestions! Let us know how you will be celebrating by contacting us on Facebook or Twitter!


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