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5 Ways to Incorporate Gold Into Your Winter Wedding

January 16, 2018

During the winter all you want to do is warm up, so why not warm up your winter wedding with warm pops of gold.

Gold Dusted Dessert: Add a touch of glamour to your wedding cake or cupcakes by adorning it with beautiful and delicious gold sugar. You can carry this on to other areas of the wedding by dusting your toasting glasses with gold sugar during the cocktail hour.

Lighting: There is nothing more beautiful than the warm golden glow of candlelight. To up the gold touches, take white pillar candles of various sizes and dip them in gold paint. This is an easy way to make your candles look more expensive. It also adds an easy and unique dip-dyed effect that will look beautiful on your tablescape! This can be used for the head table, the bar, or incorporated into centerpieces throughout the reception. 

Venue: Go all out and get married at a location with tons of gold. If you can’t find a venue that is all you want, you can add your own gold elements by bringing in golden chair covers and

Centerpieces: Warm up your centerpieces with gold tones by pairing vintage gold-rimmed mirrors with fresh floral arrangements to make a mesmerizing wedding centerpiece. Another option is creating a centerpiece out of gold Christmas Ornaments by showcasing them in a glass bowl or vase.  

Antique Car: Nothing allows you to leave or arrive in style more than an antique car with gold detailing.

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