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2017 Spring Beauty Remix

May 18, 2017

After a few months of being stuck indoors, when spring is finally here it’s always a great time to change up your look and welcome the new weather.

Floral Tones:

Florals are everywhere including the runway so why not look to nature for inspiration and continue that trend with your makeup. From rosy pink to warm orangey golds, you can add a subtle flush to your cheeks and your eyes for a feminine monochromatic look that goes great when paired with jeans or maxi dress.

High Gloss:

While matte lips have been in for a few seasons, now is the time to shine. Glossy lips are making a comeback in a good way. Unlike matte lips, glossy lips are easy to pull off and can easily be found from the department to the drugstore.

Liquid Lines:

If you are a fan of liquid liners then you are in luck! Liquid liner is still uber-popular this season and the bolder the finish or the color the better! So set those eyes with glossy finishes or bright colors and enjoy hours of longevity.

Candy Colored:

2016 will go down as year of the unicorn but 2017 has it’s fun surprises as well and candy-colored tresses is one of them. Silver bases finished off with purple hues is a surprisingly wearable and dare I say, natural hair color that so many girls are doing right.

I am also seeing a lot of soft pink added into blonde hair that is making me oohh and ahh as well!

But of course ladies, the most attractive thing you can wear is confidence so as always, make sure to wear things that make you feel good and have fun!

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